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Making A Difference

Mending broken hearts and lives trying to put the pieces back together, especially if some are missing, is a complex challenge. With privacy laws and our frequently workaholic lifestyles, our natural tendency is to bury our pain rather than trusting our hearts to others.The move to "small group" ministry has helped many to find a safe place to support others through discouragement, pain and trauma. That's a great step in the right direction, however, there are many relationship issues that are too personal – or too close – for a group of intimate friends. God has blessed some people with the gifts of encouragement, mercy and compassion and it's not uncommon to find these precious individuals seeking professional training to hone their skills and passion for helping. You may find them as counsellors, social workers, chaplains, psychologists, psychiatrists – even nurses and doctors. Every day they will be listening from their heart to broken, hurting people, supporting them on a journey of recovery. They complement our pastors in helping broken hearts to find wholeness.

Counselling support is often undervalued. These are professionals, often sacrificing to develop their skills, who must also satisfy strict and often costly accountability processes. Our lives are more valuable than the disposable things we pursue and invest resources to maintain. How much more we should value the skills of those who help repair our inner brokenness.

AAC, the Association of Adventist Counsellors meets regularly to provide a means of networking all people-helping professionals – not just counsellors. Recently, Anne Hardy, a Senior Social worker presented an insightful look at how "Hope" makes a vital difference in the journey of women with cancer – a real blessing to all those who attended.

Part of my personal vision for Family Ministries is to affirm these committed professionals, and to assist you as a part of our Church community to access their skills. Here is a simple way you can help me achieve that goal. If you are one of these professionals, could you contact me and I will seek your permission to include you on a "people-helpers register". Or, if you know of someone in your Church in one of these professions – you may even have been blessed by their support – send me their name or encourage them to contact me.

Your help can make a difference in someone's life.

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Pastor Chris Foote
Director of Relationship Ministries

South Queensland, Australia

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